We can conceptualize, design and produce flexible protective covers for all your needs ranging from covers for small pieces of machinery, to a cover for the roof of skyscraper. Our most common covers include those for machines, pallets, heavy equipment, cable reels, tanks, drums, instrument and control panels, and manufacturing equipment.

We make natural and synthetic fabric products designed for all types of applications. These covers protect from wind, rain and sun outdoors as well as dust, grease and oil indoors. Many include tie downs, snaps, and additional features for customization to your specific application. Once we know what you need to protect and from what, we will suggest materials, attachments, and features to get the job done successfully.


  • Water resistant
  • Water proof
  • UV resistant
  • Reusable
  • Heavy duty
  • Chemical and hydrocarbon resistant
  • Customizable for all shapes, sizes, and equipment
  • Provide superior protection to lengthen the lifetime of your products
  • Able to withstand outdoor (wind, rain, sun) and indoor conditions (dust, grease, oil)