Our Services

Product Development

At Carolina CoverTech, we are experts at new product development, we have had extensive experience with all the steps in this process. We offer design assistance and testing to help solve your problem and create a valuable product. More

Radio Frequency Welding

Our radio frequency welding process produces leak free bonding of technical performance fabrics. The results are flexible and durable products for a variety of applications. More

Contract Industrial Sewing

Our custom sewing ability is industrial in nature. We have dozens of commercial sewing workstations capable of handling the heaviest materials in many configurations. We sew and embroider many common materials like cotton and vinyl, but also can sew more unlikely materials such as PVC and rubber. More

Contract Heat Sealing

Heat Sealing is the process in which at least two thermoplastic sheets are joined. This joining occurs when heat and pressure are applied to an area of contact between the two materials. The sheets are fused to each other when the sealant layer melts and the molecular segments move across the interface to form entanglements. This produces a very strong seal. More

Light Assembly

Most of our customer’s or partner’s products require some additional steps beyond sewing and sealing. We maximize customer value by providing a wide array of product assembly services. More