Material Types

Material Types Description Uses
Vinyl Coated Polyester Tough mesh fabric coated with molten vinyl (PVC) Truck Covers, Lumber Tarps, Asphalt Tarps, Containment Booms, Insulated Bulkheads, Dock Seals, Concrete Curing Blankets, Laundry Cart
Vinyl Laminated Polyester Mesh fabric laminated with 2 layers of vinyl (PVC) film Gym Mats, Wall Pads, Protective Pads, Gym Diverter, Curtains, Netting Headers, Laundry Carts, General Purpose Covers
Urethane-Coated Polyester or Nylon Heavy mesh fabric coated with molten Urethane For heavy usage and for applications that involve strong chemicals and fuels
Solution-Dyed Acrylic 100% solution dyed woven acrylic fabric with many colors and patterns Marine, Awnings, Umbrella, Furniture, Cushions, Golf Bag Covers
Plastic Films and Fabrics Polyethylene films and reinforced material Liquid Bladders, Secondary Containment, Products, Short Term Covers
XR5 DuPont Dacron Polyester that has been molecularly coated with sophisticated compounds that are minimally degradable in harsh environments For application that involve strong chemicals and fuels